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Life Before the Cure - sweater done (and finally photographed!)

I finished this sweater in May but I'm just getting around to taking photos of it. Here's what I wrote on my website about the process:

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today's squares

Blake – Chattanooga, TN
CR Martin – NY
Murfpapa – Flint, MI
Shawn – Greensboro, NC
KnitforBrains - Somerville, MA

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packages received - Thursday, May 28, 2009

eek. my postman couldn't hardly carry them all... I wanted to take a photo of him holding them all but he said no (oh well!)

here we go:

Andrew Niehus - in Oregon
Adrian in London

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squares received today

just an update

packages from:

Stephen in Minneapolis, MN
Peter in Walla Walla, WA
James in New Zealand
Bill in San Diego

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Last Call for squares for Jason's Blanket

hey guys-

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more squares!

today's shipments:

Nathanial from Tuscon, AZ
Paul from MA
Kevin King from NJ
and DSchultz from Ann Arbor, MI!

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more squares arrived today!

just a note to let you boys know Dennis (from IL) and Rick (from Istanbul, Turkey!) - your squares arrived today!!

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Packages are arriving for Jason's Blanket! mad! seriously! I am amazed at the outpouring of action our little knitting community is exhibiting!

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Comfort Blanket for Jason1978

OK we are all feeling the same way - so I created a .pdf file that explains the details of how we will go about creating this blanket.