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Update on Jason

I don't mean to keep everyone upset about this but knowledge is power... here's the most recent email (from this morning)


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Update on Jason1978

Hey guys...

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Raku Yarn Bowl on ETSY

Hey boys

Just a quick note to let you know I put on my ETSY shop a small yarn bowl for sale

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Yarn Bowl Prototype #1

Here's the first prototype metal (aluminum) yarn bowl - let me know what you think - these are in the early stages of production and we can still tweak the design a bit.

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my LYS is closing - and knitted pottery

I posted on my blog - check it out here:

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Survey is ending on March 22nd

just a note to let you know that if you haven't taken the survey yet, the end date is near...

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Designing and Marketing Knitting Bowls

I have been looking online for about a year at knitting bowls...

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photos of guys knitting

hey guys

I'm working on the website and I'd love to add some photos of other guys knitting - if you have any you'd be willing to share, PLEASE email them to me -

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Knitting: Men in America - SURVEY is UP!

Please take a moment to take this survey that will help us all understand the perceptions of other knitters towards guys who knit in the United States! Thanks!
here's the link:

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Tricksy's Sweater

I finished this cute little cabled sweater from Dogs in Knits this weekend - in all honesty, it was supposed to fit my cat (yes, I'm one of THOSE people who puts sweaters on my cat!) - anyway, it turn