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Tire Denim Messenger Bag

Stephen over at Hizknits with some substantial modifications. More picture and a brief explanation can be found at my blog.



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Relatively inexpensive sweater yarn

So I am finishing the Big Blue Malabrigo EZ Sweater. Apparently no one likes the collar as it is written so I just changed it.

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Elizabeth Zimmerman's Contrarian Directions

I have knit and ripped out the neck on my saddle shouldered seamless sweater three times now. The back is just far too high. It makes an unsightly bulge.

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Ok I have been given a single ball of blue qiviuk. I have no idea where my friend got it all I know is that it costs an obscene amount of money. Has anyone worked with this stuff before?

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EZ Circles Shawl

Ok guys I'm attempting my first lace shawl for a friends wedding. She's a lovely Greek girl marrying a lovely Greek girl.

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Latvian Mittens

So I bought the Latvian Mitten Book and here is the first mitten I have made from it so far.

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Fingerless gloves

Well I liked the Knucks on knitty but did not like the thickness of the fabric. So I made a bulky pair out of Malabrigo on 6's. They turned out pretty well though next time I'll make the pinkies smaller. I keep accumulating small balls of malabrigo as my sock pattern and mitten patterns leave about 10 ercent of the skein. I'll have to do a scrap project.

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Grumble Grumble Damn Sweater Grumble

Ok I think I need to start over on a sweater. I was using the hoodies pattern from out of the Stitch and Bitch but the sleeves are ugly. They are not angled into the body of the sweater at all and look ridiculously short. So two months later and 8 skeins of Malabrigo and I think it is going to be deconstructed.

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The Eternal Hooded Sweater

Ok I know I am exagerating in reality I've worked on it since the beginning of december and haven't touched it since christmas. I need to do the sleeves. This is my first sweater and I altered the pattern from the Stitch and Bitch hoodie but wish the arms were more shaped. My man is a rather big fellow so its 50 inches aroundand 28 inches high. The hood has a cute pick up split a few inches before the shoulder seams that I like. For future refence while I love malabrigo Merino I'm upset that the patterning changed when I stepped out of the round to split for the arm holes.

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The mittens are Done!

So I finally finished these damned mittens. And a Sock out of malbrigo oh and a hat. I had a busy knitting day. I've gotten it to the point where my professors let me knit in class.