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A shot of my new book and t-shirt. Nice! Especially grateful to every fella that knits for making it possible. Cheers!

A Christmas Bear

I couldn’t resist. I just couldn’t. I had thought, “Brown bear? Or white bear? Who will be my Christmas Bear?” And I paced, and I experimented, tossed a few things around, picked up this skein, that skein, played with a green adorable thing….but, the magic just wasn’t there. I started with a scarf.

The Scruffy Old Bear Returns

I get some awesome emails from people all over the world with something of the same theme: they’re now grown adults, with children of their own, still holding on to a teddy bear given to them when they were tots. Some are hidden in closets, some are proudly on display, and some have been heir loomed off to a younger generation who we all hope will cling to the little bear with love. So, I had to a do a bear in honor of scruffy old bears everywhere.

Will Knit For Food

I've been working on a book about how I went from homeless to knitting teddy bears to get myself up and taken care of. It still boggles my mind that I was able to actually make that happen, but had it not been for fellas like you, I wouldn't have been able to even feed myself.
So, take a peek at the photo, its the one I'll be using for the cover of the book. And if you'd like to know more:

A Bunny For Easter

For any of you out there who want to knit up a bunny before Easter, my pattern actually only takes the experienced knitter about 5 hours to whip up. You can find it on Etsy and on Ravelry. Enjoy! And if you can, share your pics of the finished bugger, I mean BUNNY!

There Once Was a Boy Who Knit....

There once was a boy whose father used to hit him. He’d strike the boy when he came home from work, he’d scold the boy for being too thin, too weak, too smart. On occasion, the father would hit the boy with more than his hand, he’d hit him with his words. “You can’t be my son. You look nothing like me. You look stupid with that red hair and freckles.”