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Completed socks and a little baby shower gift

So here is the set of completed sock I took a couple pics so you could see it from different angles. Also I had to whip up something for a baby shower the other day and I made some little head bands in crochet for a coworker. Use some Malabrigo lace I had simple but I think her baby girl will look lovely in these. When I can I try to give hand made items as long as I know that they will appreciate them.


Hi hope every one is doing well haven't posted in a while and thought I would add some pictures of what I've been up to lately. Some are projects from last winter and the socks are the newest project. It's a mix of Knitting, Crochet and some Tunisian Crochet.

Head Band

Here is something else I completed over the holidays. My mom wanted a head band that would also work as ear warmers. Made this out of some yarn she had laying around mad a matching cowl to go with the head band but forgot to get pictures.

Happy 2013

Happy New Year. First day back at work and did a little spinning yesterday. Also finished a commissioned scarf I crocheted and now getting ready to teach my new crochet class at the LYS. It's this coming Tuesday wish me luck. Never had to teach a group have only done individual private lessons with friends. Cant wait to see what this new year brings for all of us. Best wishes to all in there new yarn adventures.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Hello every one. I hope you guys had a great Christmas. I did spending most of my time with my family and a little time for friends and my partner. Had a great time but now back at work till tomorrow. It's hard to work these last two week of the year ever day seems to drag. I work a total of three days this week and two days next week. I can't complain because I have a great boss and love working for him. Haven't posted much, I've been busy finishing up items that where commissioned and Christmas present.