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Malabrigo Slippers

Good Morning Gents and Gentle Ladies that our part of our community. I hope those of you that are fathers had a great day and those of us who celebrated our father present and past had a good day too. I just wanted to add one more slipper for your viewing done in Malabrigo worsted mixed with Cascase 128 for the bottom. Also I added a decorative bottom to the slippers to make them non slip and more custom for my dad and for Ben. I used tulip paint to do the bottoms. I've attached the links so you can view. The Malabrigo yarn slippers not complete yet but the yarn is lovely.

baby sock

Like promised I finished some baby sock and I wanted to share them with you guys. These are going to a co-workers baby's. Hopefully she appreciate them. Didn't take long to finish wanted a smaller project so I knew what to expect when I moved to the next step on some socks I'm making for myself. Have a wonderful evening every one.


Payday is a fund day at the LYS

Went down to the LYS and bought some more needles and some new skeins. Found this gorgeous green that I had spotted the last time I was there but was unable to get and took a little bit more time to look at some of the other yarns. Man I love this place and it's more fun on pay days. I did make a budget so I wouldn't go over board since my partner is always looking to see what I try to stash in my yarn pile. Good thing he doesn’t knit himself or he would know when I keep on adding.


So yesterday instead of lunch I went to visit a LYS close to work. I have to take another day to visit a different one that is also in my area. I got a give it to them. It's a great little place but its filled with lots of goodies. I was like a kid in a candy store. I had a budget of what I could spend yesterday but I'm counting my pennies for payday to see what goodies I can get. They have lots of great fibbers to for spinning. I might start spinning soon not quite on a wheel budget yet but maybe by hand with a spindle. Man time flies when you are having fun.


Just wanted to share progress on some socks that I am working on. After a couple tear downs and changing my patter and recalculating stiches needed. Here is what I've done so far. Haven't work on them as much as other projects it's taking a little longer since I'm ussing a smaller needle thank I've ever used but all in all I'm loving them .

Here is the link for you to view:

Happy Friday

Happy Friday Every one. I cant wait to get out of work and go home and relax this weekend. Don't have much to show right now. Had started some sock but I've started them over three times already. Trying them tow at a time but some how I got my pattern all tangled the first time so pull off the needle and restarted. Then I tried the toe up method but didn't make enought stiches at the beginning so that was another pull. Now I'm happy with the number of stiches just have to continue liking the toe up method right now.


Just wanted to share some sock I recently finish. I've been trying to knit a little of everything. Here is something new completed for me. Was happy how they turned out. The were supposed to be for me but my partner again loved them so he can seem to keep his hands of my stuff. Forgot there was a 2mb limit on photos so I've made the link below a public view link you can view with out being a raverly member


Here is something I just finished for my partner. He love's to txt and being that we live in Sother CA the weather is fair most of the year. He loves them this was before blocking them but they still look good.