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SOAR Fiber

Each year the folks at Cross Patch Creations do a special dyeing and blending of fibers for SOAR. Take a look at this dreamy color that will be spun into some lovely yarn.

Members page

I'm thinking I'm missing something. Is there a way to look at the list of members like there was on the old site?? Nice job. Things are looking mighty nice here with the new look.


Spinning for peace

I was sent this link that is a fabulous story about the making of khadi. Watch the spinners spin and the weavers weave. No wonder Ghandi thought khadi was a way to freedom for India. It really is about spinning for peace.

FIrst Sweater

Hi guys,

It's been a while since I've posted. The combination of full-time work, part-time school for PhD, and my spinning and knitting doesn't allow me to really post and converse. Trust me, I do read the sight everyday. I enjoy hearing the stories and sharing information.

I finished my first sweater yesterday. It was from a merino blend I hand spun. So I'm ready for some new yarn. You can get tired of working with one color. Suffice it to say, I had to start a scarf project and a sock project that can be finished now that the sweater is done. They provided appropriate distractions.

Time to start for next year.

Happy New Year everyone.

The holiday season is a lovely time of year, but I'm still waiting for some winter here in NC. I want some snow, just enough to slow things down so that we can remember the fact that winter is a quiet time of year.

I counted up the projects and I realized I gave away five pairs of socks and three scarves over the holiday season. My stash of gifts is depleted and now I'm ready to start anew for the next year.

Here's one of the pair of socks I gave away. These were hand-dyed with natural dyes. I'm not sure what material created this beautiful green color, but it is a lovely green.