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Been a while:

I haven't been on here in a LONG while. I started working and stopped having time to blog. For the most part it was either knit or blog, and knitting won. But now I'm here. Most of the work I've done since I was on here last I either sold, or gave away as gifts. I made 1 sock, and gave up on the second. Mostly what I've enjoyed doing is creating fun beanies for my nephews. I make them without looking at any patterns and basically just knit by the seat of my pants. I've attached some of my favorites projects I did. The three in the one picture I made for my nephew to be.

Been a while...

Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've been on here or posted, and I've missed a lot. I hope everyone is doing well and in good spirits. That being said, in an earlier blog entry I talked about how I had messed up just as I was finishing a project (a cowl for my boyfriend) and that I started over. Well good news is, that I finally finished it (grafting and all!) and along the way I knitted a plain beanie for my brother (in the pictures my brother didn't want to model his beanie, so I had my nephew model it for us instead).

Went to my first knitters/crocheters group

So on Tuesday I went to my very first knitters/crocheters group meeting and I had a positive experience. Sadly I was the only male there. If I hadn't told a friend about it, I would have been the youngest person too. Everyone there was very friendly and inviting. I blew their mind when I revealed that I was both a knitter and a crocheter. Only one woman there was able to work both hook and needles, the rest were could only crochet.

A quick project:

After feeling like my knitting projects are taking forever to finish, I decided to take a few days off to do a fun crochet project. I made a puppy beanie for my 6 month old nephew. The project took a few hours, less than a day if I would have worked on it without stopping. I've had a lot of rave reviews (and a few requests as usual).


After about two and a half weeks of working on this cowl I finished all the stitching and had only two things left to do. 1. Pick up the provisional cast on stitches and 2. graft the two ends together. Well, I started the project with a 2x2 rib knit and did not pick up the stitches correctly. I'm going to have to either start over or find some way to pick every stitch back up on the original cast on. I've been trying to pick them back up since last night and have failed every time... looks like I'm starting over.

Hello and Happy New Year!

I just wanted to say a quick "hello" to everyone out there. I ran into this site a few weeks ago and enjoyed reading everyone's posts so much that I just HAD to join. I've been knitting on and off since I was about 7 years old and crocheting on and off since I was about 17 (more 'off' than 'on' so I'm still a novice at both arts lol). I also wanted to mention that I am a recent fashion graduate so I do have some knowledge when it comes to patterns. (if anyone needs sewing or patterning tips... I'm your guy).