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Help! I can't figure out these sweater directions

I hope someone can help me decipher these directions. Pattern is as follows:

Dec 1 st at front slope edge only on 4th and 11 foll 4th rows, then on 2 following 6th rows.

I start out with 48 stiches, perform the above, and end with 34 stiches.

Thanks is advance!

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Finished sweater

This has been done for weeks (sans zipper), but I could never find the time to post until now. Surprisingly, I've started another sweater, for me this time, which I'll post some pics of my progress later.

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Side Panels are Complete

I'm just clicking along and I now have each side panel complete. Thanks to all for your nice comments!

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First panel of sweater project

Thought I would share the first panel of my first sweater. Definitely my largest undertaking to date.