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My First Hat - finished!

Hello all. Well I have finished my first hat. Bit of a drama all 'round. Started by using 3.5 mm circular needle and a pattern for a completely ribbed hat, but then the needle broke! That'll teach me to buy cheap plastic needles. Luckily it broke at the point where I could pretend it was meant to just be the ribbing edge so I then changed to 4mm needles and used another pattern.

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Dragons - one crochet one knit!

In a previous post I said I was knitting a scarf from son of stitch and bitch to which i added a Dragon panel - well it's finished now so I thought I would share it. horrah! I also crocheted a dragon for one of my great neices so I thought I would show you that too. I'm rather pleased with both of them - only problem is that now I have finished the crocheted dragon I don't want to give him away. Freddy (Yes, I've named him) is part of the family now.

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Latests Scarf from Son of Stitch and Bitch

My latest attempt at a scarf. The pattern is from Son of Stitch and Bitch but I chose darker, more wintery colours: A dark blue and a lighter three-colour wool to contrast with it. I also added a Welsh Dragon to the centre - just for fun.