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quick knit cowl for fall

The owner of a local yarn store was interested in a few of my designs and asked me knit a model for her store; here's the result. The fabric is created using three strands at once and knits up quickly using size 19 needles. Light-weight and chunky, I was able to knock this out in about 6 hours. The pattern is attached.


simple prayer shawl

Wisdom seems to come with age and experience. In the process of losing my wife to cancer, I came to realize that prayer shawls were an answer to not knowing that to do when someone is in treatment, going through a difficult life-altering situation, or in need of comfort. To honor Kay, I have been knitting prayer shawls for 8 years and this is #131. My daughter wondered if I happened to have a prayer shawl on hand for a friend of hers. Fortunately, I was only a few rows away from completing this fabric and I'm happy to say the shawl is on its way.

coughing and sneezing and knitting

It's like this. I have the worst cold I can remember. I took a swan dive into bed a week ago and feel like I'm just turning the corner. The Kimberly-Clark Corp sent me a thank you bouquet for helping their stock market prices soar due to my abundant use of tissues. In between sneezing and coughing, I have been knitting like crazy to keep my hands busy. Attached is a pic of a large chunky cowl that has kept me warm for the last few days. Worked up fast and was soooooooo comfortable when thrown on top of loungewear.


stash busting chunky cowls

Guys, I have been on a roll cleaning up my stash of yarns. Given the sub-zero temps lately, all of us are trying to stay warm. I have knitted some cowls for friends AND have managed to make a huge dent in my stash of yarn. Color me happy. Recipients have been friends, family, shut-ins, old, young, and all sizes.

Happy knitting and hope all is well with you!


Greetings from the tundra

So it's like this, guys. A friend asked me to knit something for an elderly relative in assisted living, so I knitted her a big cowl, which led to me to puttering around with some stash yarn and big needles. Well, after a few martinis, some bulky cowls appeared and seemed to catch the eye of some female friends. Here are a few pics of what some big needles in the tundra have turned out in the past week. The fringe was just a lark, but turned out to be rather fun. Without the fringe, 4 male friends are now keeping their torsos warm in our sub-zero weather.


prayer shawls

At the request of some friends, I completed a couple of prayer shawls that will go to their loved ones who have entered chemo. In both cases, cancer has been detected in early stages, but the there are no joys with chemo. Both are acrylic so they can be washed when necessary. Certainly not quite as creative as many of the finished projects I see on this site, but still a contribution to our community. The patterns are free downloads by following these links:

Roman Stripe Stitch Prayer Shawl

Just finished a prayer shawl using James C Brett Marble Chunky yarn. Thanks to Johnny Vasquez at New Stitch a Day, I learned how to do the Roman Stripe Stitch. He has THE BEST tutorials! The shawl is a combination of the Roman Stripe and stockinette stitch and contains a great palette of colors and texture.

If you aren't familiar with Johnny's work, got to

double-strand Whelk Stitch prayer shawl

I've enjoyed learning how to do the Whelk Stitch, courtesy of our friend, Johnny, at New Stitch a Day (great video tutorials), and tried using two strands of Lion Brand Baby Soft to make a prayer shawl. I'll take it along when I go to church on Sunday. And speaking of Sunday, Happy Father's Day to the dads who knit.



Thanks to Johnny on New Stitch a Day, this old dog learned a new trick. I followed his tutorial on the Whelk Stitch and knitted a prayer shawl of which I am quite proud. It has a nice drape and is very cuddly. Now...time for a celebratory martini...or two.