Monastery Knitting

This weekend I went on a retreat at Saint Gregory's monastery in Three Rivers MI... I actually knitted in public at the guesthouse. If I had not attended the mens Knitting retreat this past fall I probably would have retreated to my room and knitted there(part of my own Opus Dei) one of the women on the retreat asked if I was knitting, the comment was "she tried but never got the hang of it." I think it was novel for her to see me doing this. The other male in the guest house didn't say much. Just said hello.

My Trip to Netherlands

Been awhile since I have written and thought I just update you all. I am three days back from my vacation to Amsterdam. And it met all my expectations. Only I didn't have much time to look for knitting stores. I did happen to find one in the city of Hoorn. And they were having a sale on yarn! Of course what could I do!!! I bought a skein of llama and two of finger weight merino wool. I've never had llama before so not sure what creation that would become. The finger weight will become a shaw, the recent edition of "Traditional Knitting" has issue on lace. One is a dutch shawl.

Carbon dps

I just purchased a set of carbon dps. made by buckthorne. I was a bit bit skeptical at first i have become to love my bamboo. but now knitting socks at a pair every two weeks has taken a toll on my needles. Working with rosewood helped but still on 0 i find a "bend" (on the bamboo i guess i hold on pretty tight and they snap like twigs" so decided to try ebony. but trying to find ebony in this city is next to impossible. So my favorite yarn shop had a set and i bought them in 0. so far so good. they are light like wood and have a matt finish so i won't drop the stitches.

HELP... having difficulty with my circle knitting

Hey guys, I am trying to knit a Stephen West cowl for this winter. Only issue is I have started this over 3 times! Reason twisting. On larger circular needles(29 inches +) I do ok for the first few rows. Then all of a sudden on rows 5 and 6 I suddenly have a twist. Is there something I am doing wrong. I watch carefully for the first few rows after I join, what is causing me to have the latter twist?


Yesterday at lunch break I hit two of the yarn shops here in my city. I got some really nice koigu with bright orange. I've enough left of the alpaca to do the toes in the bright red. (see the attachments)

Metallic yarn

Hey guys I got some metallic yarn at discount place. Its really neat. Simmers like diamonds. I have one in a dark black and one in light colour. The other is more copper, not much sparkle. I have been brain storming what to do with them. I thought the black would make a great net wrap. However its rather ruff (even for my my mans skin) I would be great for a art piece as well. Has anyone worked with metallic threads? Give me a few ideas.

Finished my first pair of socks

Well last night at 11:00 pm(during PBS documentary "Kind Hearted Woman" I finished my first pair of kniitted socks. And they joy I felt when I put them on for the first time. It was in heaven!. They are 75 % merino wool, and 25 % nylon. Paton. Although the pics show a bit of brown (why I do not know) they are a lightly shaded greys and blacks. with a bit of twist in the yarn.


Here is some pics of my afghan I put together this winter. I bought the yarn when I was visiting in Indy. They had after Christmas sales. I bought a few skeins per store. I think there were like three of them, that I hit when I was there.