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Thanks everybody!

Thanks everybody for your kind words and encouragement regarding my son Timothy's lymphoma diagnosis and your hat ideas. His treatments have been going very well, though they are feeling a little like a nuisance since the hospital is 260 miles from home and we have to go once a week. Thankfully friends and family have been very generous and supportive. I found this hat pattern on Ravelry, called Swirl Hat. I made it with Kroy sock yarn on a size 3 needle.

Thanks again for your encouragement, support and prayers.



My six year old was diagnosed with Stage II non-Hodgkins lymphoma last month. So far he's doing great with the chemo, including he hasn't missed a day of 1st grade. What can you tell me about an interesting hat that I can make for him now that we cut off all his hair. (We had to cut it all off. He was walking around school, pulling it out and giving it to people.


I'm working on the vest from Men Who Knit and the Dogs Who love Them. Anyone know where I can get some info on corrections to the pattern?