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Back From The East Coast

Finally back from the East Coast. Family illness kept me there longer than expected. Good news is that I got to see a great deal of "fiber country" while there (really enjoyed that). AND my socks are coming along well :)

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Started My Checkerboard Blanket

Let's see, got my normal dishcloth projects moving along, my primal scream socks starting and yes my newest the Chekerboard Blanket that is designed to be a baby blanket but since this baby is 6 foot 3 needs modifications :) ..... 38 1/2 inches square just wont due. Sooooo...... 164 stiches and as many rows as I need to reach past my toes and at least three inches of a fancy crochet border are in order. It is looking very nice. I'm pleased. Very handsome ALL Boy in a deep Navy Blue.

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Getting Ready For Primal Scream "Socks"

Ok.. in keeping with my anal retentive utilitarian streak it is time for me to move onto socks. I've heard the wonders and the horrors. I've read some of your stories and know that many of you are very good at it. So ... speaking to that group (not those of you limping around with lumps in your shoes) what do you think is the best starting point for this size 12 guy? Just plain old nice socks. Handsome nice socks... don't want a flower garden crawling up my calves, or a home for ever toe. Looking forward to hearing from you guys.

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Figuring Out Instructions

When I can't figure them out I usually just ignore them ant my projects turn out just fine. But when I need a break I set my mind to to the puzzle if devine intervention hasn't enlightened me already. Sound familiar?

So when the Pattern says "Multiple of 8 Sts + 5"

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Even Decrease

I know how to do an even decrease accross a row. But the insturction says " K1, p1, k1, p39, dec 4 sts evenly, k1, p1, k1-41 sts."

What are they trying to say when it falls in the middle of the instruction like that?

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Greetings From Nampa Idaho :)

Well well well... a bunch of boys who knit. We have always been around. Just takes the internet to bring us together.

Hi, I'm Gnosis. I live in Nampa Idaho (for now). How I got here I'm not quite sure. Hoping to move to the banks of the Snake River soon. I've liked knitting all my life but never had much time to devote to it until now.