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Well, deep subject, finally am settled down to the significant business of becoming a legitimate knitter and putting in the due diligence. always one needs tools. OK, I need some serious input about DPN's because I want to be able to do socks, hats, and fingerless gloves. Maybe even ones with fingers sometime.


Update on The Hunt for a Great (handspun) Sock Yarn

I won't reinvent the wheel, so to speak, but as some of you know, I have been trying to spin sock yarn and have an interest in finding out what works.
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Any and all comments are of value, always appreciated. I am not "done" in my quest, but I have put in enough work to arrive at some conclusions so far.


Handspun yarn - what kind? Sock yarn - what do you like?

I am an invader. My apologies, and I will try not to be a nuisance. First of all, I am neither male nor am I a great knitter. I do knit but am still early days, and I have no experience with socks. However, I am a spinner. I came to your forum because I was doing a search about characteristics of sock yarn, wanting to know what people thought was desirable in fiber content, etc. There were some good comments I saw from men who obviously have real experience in what makes a durable and comfortable sock.