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My Happy Place

The wind tossed waves of the unkind world crash upon the craggy rock of my troubled mind. There are a hundred tasks to accomplish, a thousand people to please and a million dreams I must set aside to make it all happen.

At least, that's what most Mondays feel like.


Every knitter has experienced it. The beginner swears that every yarn is possessed by its evil. Lace knitters consider it to be a state of being. Spinners come across its hateful spite when trying out new yarns or fibers. It is resistentialism, a word that has sadly fallen from our lexicon.

A Knitter's Travel Guide

In thinking about the Men's Rocky Mountain Knitting Retreat, I realized I should probably offer some advice on traveling with yarn. Here's the blog (a day before it get's published on for you to peruse. Let me know if you have any other travel tips!


Grouchy Geisha

At the Men's Rocky Mountain Knitting Retreat, we stopped in at the Loopy Ewe and I managed to pick up a gig teaching a couple of classes. One of them will be beginning lace. Although I'll be covering lace knitting in general and theoretical terms, it was suggested that I teach toward a pattern as well. I decided on the Grouchy Geisha from ravelry.

(Almost) Eternal Bliss

There are moments in a knitters life that are without match. Usually they are relatively fleeting- a finished project, a mother's joy at her new shawl or the admiration of others as they see skilled fingers producing intricate lace. I'd hardly imagined that it was possible to string a series of these moments together to create something akin to Nirvana, but this past weekend proved me wrong.