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My First Sock Is Taking Shape

I seriously didn't think I would be able to do a sock, but it's actually starting to take shape and that shape is definitely that of a sock.

I only made it with a 4 inch top because I don't have enough yarn to do taller ones. But that's ok, I prefer shorter socks anyway.

Today I make the heel flap and turned the heel. I wasn't sure if I could do the heel turn, but I just followed the instructions and sure enough I had a turned heel! Woohoo!

I'm now working on shaping the gusset. I did make one mistake. I knitted one round as instructed, and then did a decrease round. I was supposed to do another knitted round before doing another decrease round, but I forgot and did another decrease round instead. Oops. I'm hoping it won't mess it up too badly.

Trying my first sock.

I'm attempting my first sock. It's been an interesting challenge as it's my first attempt to use double points. After a very awkward start it's coming along ok. I'm following Silver's Sock Class.

To make it a little easier for a first attempt I'm using worsted weight yarn on size 6 DPNs. I'm saving the sport weight cotton yarn for a "good" pair of socks once I get the technique down. Right now I have a roughly 2.5 inch long ribbed tube which will eventually be the 5 inch top of the sock. If nothing else this heavier wool should make a decent house sock.

Today I placed an order for Knit Picks Options circular needles kit as well as the pumpkin orange Eagle knitting tote. With the express shipping they should be here Monday or Tuesday. I'm looking forward to trying out the Options.

Ah well, back to the sock. If it doesn't come out too horribly I'll post a pic once it's finished.

Been Pretty Busy - Not Knitting Much

Last night was the first time I've been able to spend any time knitting in a few days. It was nice to finally be able to sit back, relax, and knit a few rows on the still unfinished scarf.

It is coming along though. Before going to bed last night I took a quick measurement and it's at 44" now. I'm guessing that there is enough yarn left on the skein for maybe another 8 - 10". When the skein runs out the scarf will be finished.

I'll be getting home from the road some time on Monday. I'll be home for a week and so will have some knitting time.

I hit a sale at Hobby Lobby and picked up a circ, some DPNS in sizes 6 and 8, and a few skeins of sport weight yarn. I'm going to tackle socks and a hat while I am home.

Making Progress

My scarf is coming along nicely and my knitting is really improving. It was all of a sudden a night and day difference. My stitches are nice and even, and I'm having to tink a stitch very rarely now.

As I can only work on it for a couple of hours in the evening, it's naturally taking a while, but my knitting is getting a bit faster too. Right now the scarf is just a tad over 18" long and progressing.

While the first several inches show a lot of mistakes and uneven stitches, it suddenly changes from that to a nice even ribbing and even the edges are nice and even.

I think I'm starting to get the hang of it finally. I'm looking forward to learning other techniques now. I may try to cable on the next scarf. I have some nice light blue yarn and may try to make myself a matching hat and scarf with it. I'm thinking maybe something like a sailor's scarf.

Ah well, that's for later, right now I need to finish this one.

The Worm Has Turned

Ok, silly title.

Thanks to the help I received here and elsewhere I have come to accept the fact that I am learning a new skill and craft in knitting and as such my work is not going to be perfect. And that's ok.

I've learned how to spot most of the mistakes I am making before I make them and thus prevent them. I've learned how to calmly fix the mistakes that I do make and just consider it a part of the knitting process itself.

Suddenly knitting has become very calming. It's a great way to relax and drain away the stresses of the day.

It's like a totally different experience all of a sudden. Very enjoyable instead of very frustrating. I know my skills will improve with practice over time and until then if my knitting isn't perfect, so what? It's still enjoyable.


Knitting is so frustrating! I'll never finish this stupid simple scarf! I worked on the thing for hours, trying to be careful and get everything right. It's just a simple friggin 2x2 ribbing pattern. Nothing complicated.

After hours of working on it and having it start to actually take some shape and have a bit of length (well, ok, only about 8 inches or so), I totally screwed up a row. I tried to fix it and messed that up. I tried to unravel a couple of rows but couldn't figure out how to thread the needle back in. I finally just frogged the whole thing. Arrrrgh!

I just don't see how you people can make all of the very nice stuff I see pictured when I can't even do a stupid scarf. I'm hopeless.

This Is Too Cool!

After several botched and frogged attempts my 2x2 ribbed scarf is starting to come together for me. Admittedly I've only done a few rows so far, but they're rows without added/dropped stitches and are looking reasonably even.

Now that I have a few rows done I can see the pattern starting to reveal itself and it's just very cool to see. It's actually starting to look like something.

Maybe I can do this after all.

Frogged It Again

I gave up on that super bulky extra fuzzy yarn for now. The stuff it just so fuzzy it's hard for me to see what I am doing and tough to work with and I'm not experienced enough for that yet.

I have started another scarf but instead of a straight garter stitch I am trying doing 2x2 ribbing for it. The K2,P2,K2,P2... is forcing me to slow down, count stitches, and make sure I'm not adding any extra stitches in the rows. So far so good.

I might eventually actually finish one.

Starting Over

I've set aside the scarf I've been working on. It's slow going with medium worsted weight yarn and size 10 needles. I will finish it while on the road, but in the meantime I wanted to do something a little faster.

I bought some super bulky Red Heart Light & Lofty yarn and size 15 needles so I can work through a bit quicker project. I started it with size 17 needles but didn't like the way it was looking so unraveled it and restarted on the 15s.

It's definitely coming along much quicker, but I'm finding this extra fuzzy yarn a bit more difficult to work with as it doesn't slide as easily.

Ah well, that's why they call it practice.