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Two-Color Brioche Hat - Another cry for help

I am so sorry for posting this again, but I think this hat is fantastic and I'd like to try and get some skilled help. It's a brioche two-color hat from week-end knitting. I've checked other sites and blogs and it seems everyone has trouble and/or issues when getting to the Crown rounds. I know there's got to be a logical way to do the decreases so the crown looks symmetrical. Seeing as there is no way to contact the author of the book, or the designer of the hat, is the only way for me to finish this beautiful hat is to figure it out for myself? I don't nkow if I can! Has anyone else ever knitted this hat? Would someone with more skill than I like to try and figure it out? HELP!!!

with love,


Two Color Hat

Hi y'all,

I've logged onto this site every day for over a month now and am loving it. I've been inspired by many of the projects I've seen and have knitted up many of them after reading and seeing them.

I do need help though. I am knitting the brioche hat from Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick, desinger of the hat is Wendy Easton. It's on page 66 of the book and here's my problem. In the Crown rounds, specifically Crown Rnd 2, the instructions are confusing cause the stiches I have on my needles are not the same as described in the book.

Has anyone else had difficulty with this pattern? Help a new guy out, I'd really like to finish this hat so I can knit another one. It's really an amazing looking hat.

Regards, David