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Better than Burberry

Better than Burberry, originally uploaded by elemmaciltur.
Start: 15th October 2010
Finish: 07th November 2010
Needles: 6 mm Addi Turbo
Yarn: 100% Alpaca in grey bought from the Benediktbeuern Textile Market this year; 260 m / 100 g / skein; Using 4 skeins in total with yarn held double - got 9 repeats altogether
Pattern: Burberry Inspired Cowl by Julianne Smith


Prorsum: Take II, originally uploaded by elemmaciltur.
Start: 12th September 2010
Finish: 5th October 2010
Needles: 5.5 mm Addi Turbo
Yarn: Wolle Roedel "Soft-Merino"; 100% Merino superwash; 100 m / 50 g; colour #393, lot #220; 6 balls
Pattern Cabled Cowl from Lion Brand Yarn
Name: I decided to call this "Prorsum" (lat. "forward") as a kind of a wink to "Burberry Prorsum", since a lot of commercial cowls out there that I have seen and like are pretty much from Burberry.

Who's Terry? - Of Men and Garments

Who's Terry?, originally uploaded by elemmaciltur.
Start: 14th January 2010
Finish: 21st August 2010
Needles: 3.5 mm and 4 mm Addi Turbo
Yarn: "Saphir" by Bernetta Wolle; 65% new wool, 15% super kid mohair, 20% nylon; Colour #438.02 (beige/natural), dye lot #9006381
Pattern: "Terry's Pullover" by Carol Feller, from Interweave Knits, Holiday Gifts 2009
Modification: Knitting the sleeves in the round. I really cannot fathom why the designer knitted the body in the round and knitted the sleeves flat (she said it's easier to join)...but I think that it's kinda nonsense and seaming down the sleeves totally beats the purpose of this otherwise wonderfully seamless construction....because it's obvious that it can be done seamlessly.

Back in the biz: Knitting and Blogging

N97 mini Verhüterli, originally uploaded by elemmaciltur.
Start: 25th July 2010
Finish: 01st August 2010
Needles: 2.5 mm - 80 cm Addi Turbo
Yarns: Wollmeise 100% Merino Superwash in "Veilchen" and "Granatapfel" (using the rest that I have from weaving)
Pattern: Judy Magic CO 48 sts, knit the round for the first round then add the colour on the second round *2 red, 2 purple* for the total of two rounds, then move over one stitch and continue in the same manner until the new colour lines up with the second round, then start going back the original way to make a zigzag pattern

Norræna hættuspil

Norræna hættuspil, originally uploaded by elemmaciltur.

Start: 28th December 2009
Finish: 13th January 2010
Needles: 3 mm Addi Lace for ribbing and 4 mm Addi Turbo for the rest
Yarn: Schachenmayr Nomotta "Shetland Alpaka"; 50% new wool, 25% baby alpaca, 25% mohair; Colours #9225 (natural, lot #6535), #9211 (light brown, lot #6532), #9293 (dark brown, lot #6533), #9262 (light blue, lot #6537) - 9 skeins of the natural colour, otherwise one skein each
Pattern: "Pullover in Karisma Superwash" from Garnstudio Drops Design
Modifications: Won't be making the turtle-neck, but instead make it a round-neck, since the yarn is too scratchy for bare skin. Knitting the children's size for fit, but lengthening everything using the adult's small size.
Name: "Norræna hættuspil" is Icelandic and should mean "Nordic venture"


Smokin', originally uploaded by elemmaciltur.

Start: 12th October 2009
Finish: 22nd October 2009
Needles: 6 mm / 80 cm Addi Turbos
Yarn: Schachenmayr Nomotta Extra Tweed; 95% wool, 5% viscose; colourway #0099 (Black); yarn held double; used up the totall of 18 balls (actually about 17 balls weight-wise).
Notions: 5 crescent horn buttons
Pattern: "Smokin'" by Jared Flood, aka Brooklyn Tweed; from the book "Son of Stitch 'n Bitch"
Size knitted: S
Modifications: Pockets are done by set-in pocket linings instead of just sewing the linings on to the outside of the jacket. I also replaced the leather cased buttons for crescent horn buttons instead.


Portland, originally uploaded by elemmaciltur.

Start: 31st January 2009
Finish: 10th October 2009
Needles: 4 mm / 80 cm Addi Lace and 4.5 mm / 60 cm Addi Turbos
Yarn: GGH "Cumba"; 42% new wool, 28% alpaca, 30% acrylic; Colour #001, dye lot #8072271; Used up 7 balls and a bit of the 8th ball in total
Pattern: "Portland" by Lisa Lloyd from the book "A Fine Fleece - Knitting with Handspun Yarns"
Modifications: Lengthened the sleeves and added back-neck shaping to the collar.


George, originally uploaded by elemmaciltur.

Start: 18th September 2009
Finish: 05th October 2009
Needles: 4 mm / 80 cm Addi Turbos
Yarns: GGH "Cumba"; 42% new wool, 28% alpaca, 30% acrylic; colours #014 (anthracite), #020 (turquoise)
Pattern: "George" by Jane Ellison in the Queensland Collection Book 9
Size: XS
Modifications: No turned-cuffs for the sleeves. CO less sts than required and then increased the sts. Knitted the edge band in one piece instead of dividing it. Also changed the buttonholes from the right-front to the left-front.

Who is Alvin?

Alvin, originally uploaded by elemmaciltur.

Start: 05th August 2009
Finish: 17th September 2009
Needles: 4 mm / 80 cm Addi Turbos
Yarns: Filatura di Crosa "Zara"; 100% superwash merino; colours #1468 (grey) 4 balls, #1424 (navy blue) 3 balls and #1469 (anthracite) 1 ball
Pattern: "Alvin" by Jane Ellison in the Queensland Collection Book 9
Size: XS

The Art of Artful Draping - Lace Projects Photography

Swallowtail Shawl, originally uploaded by elemmaciltur.

I do not consider myself a photographer. I don't have any flashy, fancy DSLR but rather just a simple handheld point-and-shoot 6 megapixel digital camera that is going in to its fourth year of service.

Ever since I have started knitting and documenting my projects with photos that I then use in my blogs, people have been commenting about my projects and how beautiful they are photographed. I'm absolutely flattered. But if you were to ask me how I do it, I would just shrug and say that I don't know, or that just try this out and try that out and something nice will come out of it. Honestly, I don't really know what I do.

Another compliment about my photography coupled with another recent comment about my photography style ("experimental" - something I have never thought about, but I reckon that it is pretty true to the point) have sparked up something in my mind and make me think about how I actually take photos, which in turns led me to write this entry.

So, I will try to explain the process that goes on in my head when I consider about "the photoshoot" and hopefully, this will eventually help and inspire other knitters out there for their photography. Please, bare in mind that I'm writing this according to my style of photography. It's not a law to take photos in the way that I do. Just consider this entry a mere guideline to how to make your lace project photography looks a bit more interesting. ;-)