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I'm teaching myself to cable. This is a free Lion Brand pattern and I've found that the cable hook is difficult for my big fingers. I'm having better luck with the V-shaped cable needle. What does everyone else use?

Pink Scarf

Here is my third scarf-- I learned how to make fringe and now I want to put it on everything! I think I'm ready to graduate into some real production work and am thinking about a child's sweater because it will work up faster than an adult's size with less investment in materials. Any thoughts?

Scarf #2

Here is a pic of my second scarf-- if the photo will upload properly. It's a simple seeded rib design and the yarn is a buttery-soft merino wool. My wooden needles have become very smooth from working with this yarn.

Scarf #3 is already completed. Last night I learned how to make fringe and finished it off. Pic may be coming soon. Thanks to all of you for your help and encouragement.


I don't understand why my pics won't upload. I'm not doing anything different than I have done in the past. Sorry I'm wasting so much space on this site.


I have finished my first project, a very basic K1 P1 scarf. I can see a few mistakes here and there, but I must say it's not bad for a first effort. A pic will be coming soon. I have already started project #2, a ribbed scarf, and I'm planning ahead for project #3, a cabled scarf. After that, I may be ready to take on a serious project.