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I seem to be putting off the inevitable (getting down to work on a lesbian murder incest opera...) and came across Kieran Foley's website. I'm not a great lace fan, but I fund his designs really inspiring. There are some free patterns there too...



In need of inspiration...

My very good friend katie is 40 in August...and I'd like to knit her smething nice. But, I'm on my self-imposed stash busting attempts and, despite being tempted to go and splash the cash at one of London's premier wool shops, I have got plenty tucked away at home (as my endlessly-patient other half says, there's wool everywhere!) I do have some lovely Rowan Scottish tweed 4 ply - sadly now discontinued....some charcoal, some flecked lighter Gray and some beautiful dark sea green....and as katie hails from Scotland, I'm sure she'd appreciate it.

Orkney wool

Dear friends,

I have oft waxed lyrical about the lovely wool from Orkeny and especially the delights of the North Ronaldsay wool hand dyed by Pam Murray. I found her online here: my recent vest was knitted in her 4 ply



Searching for perfection

Dear friends,

It's been quite a week all in all. I'm not generally one to blog, Carrie Bradshaw fashion. Who are the men on men who knit after all? It's not like I've met any of you...will anybody read this?

But, I get home from a Saturday's teaching and, with a glass of wine in hand, decide to share my week with you all. We are chums after all.