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Herringbone jacket - at last

Some of you may remember the nightmare I was having a few months ago with the Herringbone Jacket I was knitting for my other half from 'Classic Knits for Men'.

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WTF 2..

Well, I too am embarking on my first lace project and have now started the sleeve (it's a cardigan) more times than I care to imagine. It's not the trickiest lace pattern (k1, yfwd, k2, sl1, k2tog, psso, k2, yfwd,k1, yfwd) and then purl the other rows.

I'm just finding it hard to proceed in a mistake free vein and if I attempt to unravel anything, I'm not sure how the yo's work and end up starting all over.



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Too soon

Well, my 'pleased-with-myself-'cos-I've-nearly-finished' attitude was short-lived. You'll remember my grumbles about the Herringbone jacket from Classic Knits for Men?

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...and some feline assistance...

So after the wet afternoon, I came home and set about some sewing up of the nightmare herringbone jacket I was moaning about last week...and this is some 'help' from one of my cats...

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In the Gallery

Yesterday was one of those endlessly grey, rainy London days - and I was looking after my friend's little boy for the afternoon.

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Dear all,

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Knitting apps for the iPhone

I've joined the techno brigade and got myself an iPhone...and although I'm not completely bowled over by it's charms, (it will, of course,ook better with a knitted cover) It is nice to be on an early

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HELP!!!!! Shaped sleeve head in the round

Dear knitting brethren,

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Free Pattern

Dear Knitters,

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Happy Velentine Day

Thyought you all needed a treat...Blacker designs, one of my favourite wool places online, has a valentine's day sale. Their Gotland worsted spun is particularly lovely.