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Yarn Bowl: Why the Yarn Channel Keyhole is Important

New blog post about Right handed yarn bowls vs. Left Handed yarn bowls and why the keyhole is important.
Ya'll can make fun of my drawings if you like. Drawing with a mouse is tough!


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Pottery Experimentation on making a Rainbow Yarn Bowl

Thought some here might be interested in the new design I'm working on...
It's all in my
blog post at

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Yarn Bowls

Hello Gentlemen,

I'm a potter who makes yarn bowls. I've been selling them to women but haven't yet to a male.
This makes me wonder if I need to market them differently.

So I have a few questions, that if you guys feel like answering, that would be of tremendous help.

1. Have you heard of yarn bowls before now?
2. Have you ever used a yarn bowl?