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Stitch Dictionary

I checked this one out several times from the library across the street when it was still open. Finally I just bought it. Informative, concise, clear pictures and separated into single-color and multiple-color, light, medium and heavy-weight yarns has made this my go-to book for stitches.

Yarn Bowl

Here are a few pictures of the yarn bowl that I won in Kyle Kunnecke's contest from a few weeks ago. It arrived over a week ago but someone used my camera and ran out the batteries.


This is one of my favorite comic strips. Just thought I'd share this one panel with you.

Good Grief!

Browsing through Friday's local paper I came across an ad for "12th Annual Michigan International Alpaca Fest". It's open 9/20-21 at the Birch Run Expo Center and it's "FREE!!