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Teaching a class

My LYS want me to teach a class on the teddy bear I designed. Almost finished writing the pattern.

The class will be about two hours over 2 days. Should I do this for free? Get paid? If so, how much? Sale the pattern? If so how much?

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A lot of my friends having babies. So I've been making bears.

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Does a Bear Knit in the Woods?

Here is a teddy that I have been making for baby gifts.

I'm not a "Bear" by the way.

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Has anyone been to S.A.F.F. in Asheville? It is only a 3 hr. drive for me . Thinking of going up on Sunday.

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Baby Cozy and Hat

Pattern called for this to be green and be a pea pod. I had left over dark gray. I guess mine is a black bean.

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Diamond Shawl

A pic of my latest work. Wife hated the color when I came home with the yarn. Will be donating to Church auction. Hope it finds a good home.


Sold for $400 at the auction.

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Baby Jane's

Here is a pic of a pattern I am working on. I am have it test knit now. Will post after I have it checked for errors.

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Joining Yarn

I have a yarn that is 45% silk and 55% Merino. Can I "felt " this to join?

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Maybe this sketch will help

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I was working on another pair of cigar gloves this weekend. I thought of a trick to reduce the number of ends to sew in.