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Well sports fans it has happened:

I am now partially my mother. I am watching the Red Sox and knitting, all it would take to complete the picture would be a cup of tea, a slight accent and about 100 pounds shed; well maybe 120 and years and years of knitting experience.

So my couch project is coming along well. I am almost (within 2 inches) of shaping the neck. I am unsure whether to "go for it" and just follow the pattern to see what happens or take it into a LYS to make sure I am doing things correctly. Quandary Quandary.

Back to the first paragraph; it seems to me that baseball and knitting seem uniquely suited for each other. The pace of the game allows a novice knitter (me) to look down, read a pattern, make a note or honk at my yarn in the goose-like style without missing something REALLY important. I am beginning to see the benefits of a "Stitch and Pitch". I wonder if there are any more in the NY area.

I am posting an indifferent pic of my vest back. I was having issues with my camera and the lighting, Mea Culpa. I modified the pattern slightly in that I wanted the cables to "spin" in opposite directions. The original pattern has all the cables going in the same direction, but I knew that it was an easy fix so I went for it; it seems to make the project more personal to me.

Grey Seas

Once again I set Sweetie towards the ocean and watch in stoic silence as the boat bears her over the horizon towards a grey and unforgiving sea. Well, actually I am putting her in a van so she can drive up to Block Island for a week of Racing and Rum while I stay at home, knit and keep my job. All is well and I wish her luck. I am again struck by the funny reversal of roles, someday I will have a nice nautical sweater for her; knit while she is asea.

My vest is coming along nicely, just about half way done with the back hoping to have it, the back that is, finished by the end of the weekend. But we shall see; the above paragraph makes reference to my guru being in BIRI. Maybe I will go to a LYS (gasp) and get some help.

Question: How strict have you all found stores to be on the "If you did not buy the yarn here we cannot help you" policy? I have never asked for help in a store, nor has any been thrust upon me but I am curious as to how helpful they may be to a project they did not supply.

Have a good weekend Y'all

Knitting (sweetie-less) in the Bronx

WIP two

So now I have two WIP's. I am working on my socks out of Trekking Pro Natura (with bamboo) AND I started the golf vest from "Simply Beautiful Sweaters for Men" (good book, recommended) in a lovely bottle green from Ausi Wool. I am working on size 17 needles and Dayum is this thing growing quickly. The vest is my "couch" project while the socks are my "to-go" project; although if I switch to a circular needle for the vest I suppose it too could graduate to the "to-go" pile.

Thursday I had a Professional Development day at the American Museum of Natural History. I brought my sock and knit during the "Genetics and evolution" symposium (which I loved, but I was among the few on that one) and during lunch. The funny part of the story starts Wednesday evening when I met sweetie at her LYS. I had showed up earlier than she, and was fondly remembered by the owner who insisted on introducing me to every knitter in the place, as well as anybody who came in. When sweetie came in she found me deep in conversation with the owner of the store and two patrons; we were all sitting around the table knitting and talking about the Hamptons, the current conductor at the Metropolitan Opera, and other interesting topics of conversation. Sweetie has been joking for the past few days that they like me more than her at all the yarn stores we go to, and it did not help any that the owner saw her as an extension of me, rather than the way us dudes are usually seen in yarn stores, a large bag of bones there to support, physically and financially, our SO's yarn purchases. It is not true, but it is funny that one owner here in NYC asks sweetie (who has been going to the store for years) how I am doing after I have been in the store no more than 5 times. I guess it is good to be a rare thing; a man who knits.

Out of Place

I visited sweeties LYS today. She was sailing and I was left to my own devices at her apartment so after lunch I took a walk to Knit 321 to see if there was anything that I could surprise her with. As a man I am often seen as an oddity if not an interloper in many yarn stores. I let it all roll off my back today as I was questioned on "now do you mean knit or crochet? and what sort of projects is your friend working on?"; once I identified myself as a knitter and showed the sales associate a sample of work (always handy to have my coffee cozy around) I was invited to "the table".

For the next two hours I sat and knit and discussed the matters of the day with a steady stream of interesting knitters. I was the only guy, but since I was a knitter it seemed not to matter. The owner of the store was funny when she mentioned that I was knitting a sock on 4 DPN and to the average citizen it must look like witchcraft, especially when done by a male. I took this to mean I should start in on some Harry Potter related projects; Witchcraft indeed more like Wizarding if you ask me.

I enjoy visiting LYS's and am now going to go to more, if only to sit and knit.

Happy weekend, Go Sawx

Clogs be damned

above please find an action shot of my first pair of socks in action, sans clogs. They fit well enough, but the next pair should be better.

Thank you all for your support, I like having a "to-go" project that gives such nice results.

Knitting in the Bronx

Edit to say: it looks like I am wearing said socks, wild!!

Sock One Sock Two

So, I finally finished my first pair of socks tonight. It has been a long slog, but I am happy to say they are done, they fit and it seems they are warm; because warm is what I want in this 80 degree New York weather.

I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that, but I can only say this is a pair of socks only their knitter could love; and love them I do.

Anyway, I got much much better from the start of sock one to the toe of sock two so in interest of having a good to-go project I am rolling into another pair of socks using a "Trekking pro natura" 75% wool 25% bamboo mix in the 1600 color lot. I hope they come out well because it seems that "MotherKnit" will be getting a pair of socks for her birthday or Christmas. The last time I was home she kept touching and admiring a certain sock yarn of mine. Really folks, I CAN take a hint, it just takes a while and some artful work with an anvil.

Going on a field trip tomorrow so I should have plenty of time to work on my bamboo and wool socks.

Have a good day

Knitting in the Bronx.

Modern Knitting for sure

So today sweetie will be going off for a long distance sailing race (well only 60 miles or so, but still longer than anything she has done before in race mode) and I will be staying home nursing a sore jaw back from a root canal. We were chuckling about it, how the traditional roles had been reversed; how modern and progressive of us. I suppose I should make her sailing socks or something warm to wear on the rail but then she is a MUCH better knitter than I. So today a brave Boyf watches impassively as his sweetie goes off to do battle on the high seas of Long Island Sound, knitting the only thing to sooth his worried mind; a true panacea for all that ails, well that and hot tea.

Have a great weekend y’all

Knitting (and dry!) in the Bronx

Four down, One to go

Last Friday we had a trip to the New York Hall of Science in Queens. I, fearing traffic and a dull museum, brought my knitting. (still working on the blue socks, but they are coming along nicely, on the toe decreases) I was so engrossed by the museum, and my student’s questions that I did not get a chance to knit until lunch. We sat in a park, the kids played ball I knit. I got some questions from the kids who did not know me, but on the whole it was just me being me (that is to say, out of the ordinary). I knit later on the trip while we were in a park in the Bronx and I realized: except for Staten Island, I have now knit in all the boroughs of New York City. I may have to take the SI ferry just to make it a five by five. Any NYC knitters got all the boroughs?

Today I was sailing again and had my coffee cozy with me. It got some nice compliments; it always seems to.

Have a good rest of the week.

Bronx Knit.

Top Down, Back at it again

Using my only free non-lunch period to catch up on some of the knitting I was not doing. I am about to make the toe decreases in my second sock. Maybe I can get it done by tonight, 'cause the nice weather is crying out for some sock wearing. (ha ha)

Just posting to say that I have found both my needles and my motivation, it is amazing how calming this hobby of mine is.

Have a nice day Y'all

Knitting (and lowering my BP) in the Bronx