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Winter Colors Noro Scarf

The colorways selected were intended to mimic the muted colors of winter. In my head, this meant lots of whites, muted blues, greys, and maybe a little green. Noro taught me a big lesson as I went through this scarf–Winter has lots of color, and far more organic color than I was intent to let it.

Somehow, I think winter will actually be a little less dark and gray for me this year.

I love it when a scarf can change your life!

(Don't remember the numbers for each color

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So, the sweater that I knit in three different guages that got felted so I could one day make something uber-creative with the resultant fabric?

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TOTALLY on-topic.


Happy IntARRnational talk like a pirate day, mateys!

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Brea Bag

Used two skeins eco wool with size 10?

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Knitty Satchel

Here is "Satchel" from again. Love this pattern, though I'm now knitting the strap right off of stitches held out from the inside of the bag.

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Clapotis alteration: "Wrapotis"

Made on size 11 needles with Rowan Linen Print. Love the model for getting creative with it.

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FO- Arrowhead Lace shawl.

Knitted on size 7 needles with Cascade Paints "Isle of Skye". Very simple, very quick.

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I love the stuff. Want to make it on my own.

Anyone know where to get my very own Kombucha Colony?

Online is fine, but IL is my region!

Any tips on making would be appreciated as well!

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FOOD-Karenina Poncho

This was a simple project. Quick, painless, and it ended up being a LOT bigger than I expected with a little blocking.

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FO-Forest Canopy Shawl

Here it is, blocking! Done in Jojoland Melody, 2 skeins. VERY easy pattern. Great first-time shawl. Too tired to post more details... ask questions...