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Minor Update


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Noro Stripe Scarf (Extra Pic added)

I realize everybody and their granny has knit this, but its REALLY worth the time. It's a simple pattern, for you beginning knitters, and it looks HOT.

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At the risk of being "That Guy in the Forum"

I love you guys. Thanks for everything.

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Sorry to be posting non-related content, but this is truly one of the most helpful places I go on the internet so I hope this is alright...

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An older scarf

I've been waiting to get a picture of this one. It's nice, not my favorite accomplishment ever, but it's nice. It's loved, too.

Just the Danica pattern from

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Reversible Cable Scarf

(Pattern included)
Here it is! The technique got more and more refined and I'm never knitting it in tweed again, but I'm happy with the design, as is my sister...

Maybe LONGER as well...

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Okay, I hope I don't terrify anyone with this, but I've never really blocked anything.

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Close to Perfection

Now, this is a relative term, of course, but thanks to TallGuy's advice, I grafted the seam of the tychus hat instead of just normally sewing it and OH MY GOD. The seam on the hat shown is a bit spotty as I was learning how to graft over the course of the seam, but as you can see, the seam is pretty much invisible if you don't knit the last two rows in MC and just stop at the last row of CC (White in this hat). Hat shown seam side up!

Thanks TallGuy!

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Blue Moon Tychus

I used some of the leftover grey because I thought there wasn't enough yarn left to just do two colors.

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Bill asked

I changed that scary picture...