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Blue Moon

Here is the bag going to the recipient of the slytherin bag's sister....

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Slytherin Satchel

Here it is! Anybody ever knit this? Any advice?

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Berry Tychus

Made with leftover yarn. This one WAS five panels, but I also knit it quite tightly. It doesn't roll properly, but it looked nice on mom...

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Slytherin Tychus.

Made for a friend to match her satchel (coming soon).

Anyone find that the tychus pattern is fine with only four panels instead of five?

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Finished a Fisherman's watchcap today.

It was too small.

Frogged it.


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Alright gents, I've hear rumors of knitting men in my area, the west burbs of Chicagoland, so its time to get a group together! Who is out in the west burbs? Who wants to knit?

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What's a steek?

Just wanna know...

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So my best friend's mom...

Just went through her old stash, looking for "boy colors" for her son-in-knitting-law and a box arrived at my door with about a metric ton of Rowan Chunky Recycled Tweed in it...

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Cheap Wool

Have any of you tried felting with Lion Brand wool?

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Ever want to cry?

I have just finished the front of my sweater. The intarsia worked well for having done it for the first time, but I realize now my proportions are horrible off.