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Stupid broad shoulders....

While I am quite attached to my shoulders, they provide me no end of trouble finding good shirts. Ones that fit my waist are always too tight in the shoulders, while the ones that fit my shoulders inevitably create enough space around the midsection to convincingly smuggle several midgets out of a midget-house without attracting much attention.


I just finished the fingerless gloves, "knucks", from Anyone have any experience knitting these? Tips on how to weave the ends in better next time?

Fisherman's rib hat

Here it is! It's simple and nice, made with peace fleece instead of cascade pastazza or whatever. It worked out quite well! Fisherman's rib is AMAZINGLY spongy and lofty and just all-around fun to squeeze. I will make ALL hats with fisherman's rib... maybe.


Regarding the cabling on the cabled computer case pattern in Knitting With Balls:

The WS rows are symmetrical, so they can be read from either direction, but the RS rows should be read from Right to Left, with each "chunk" of cable being read as it would from L to Right, but compensating from the fact you are flipping the work.

In short: I think I just needed to learn how to correctly read a cabling pattern...