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Moving "image" to "blog entry".

I posted to "image" but want to move the entry to "blog". Does anyone know how to move from "image" to "blog". Thanks!

Selbu mitten source

Someone requested Selbu mitten patterns a while ago. I just came across two sources:
Selbuvotter by Terri Shea http://www.denisesneedleworks.com/ItemPage.html?Id=125

Lisa Auerbach exhibit in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Recently I visited this exhibit with my older son, who wondered if there was a connection with a famous coach.

Misplaced stash

When knitting this sweater for my older son, I couldn't find some of the wool I had purchased, and had to purchase more.

Image to previous blog entry

I'm trying to get an image onto this post

Blocking works miracles

I knit this last year for my son; I had to anticipate his growth to make it worthwhile. It fit him correctly only after washing and blocking (duh!).

Thanksgiving in Houston

I'll be in Houston for Thanksgiving. Know of 'must see' yarn shops? I'll be close to West University and the Shepard/Kirby area. Thanks!

Blouse in 8-play black silk-rayon with tiny cables

My friend asked me to copy a blouse that her friend had. I knit it from top down. It was a nightmare because of the color and tendency of the yarn to split.

Non-knitting request of anyone in W. Hollywood, CA

Just received news that very close friend will have a shot gun wedding (due to possibility of outlawing same sex marriage in November elections) tomorrow. They're leaving on a honeymoon on Friday.

Kippah pattern

Several months ago I posted pictures of a felted "kippah" or Jewish skull cap that I designed and knit. Because a member requested the pattern, I charted it and made it into an excel file.