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So, I have an invitation in my inbox to Ravelry. I've heard about it, and I guess a lot of people belong to it...really haven't been there to see what it's about.

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Anyone from Maine???

I would LOVE to get together with a few folks, maybe every other week or once a month or something like that, to just gather and knit and talk and meet each other, and so on and so forth.

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The Vertical Sweater

Besides the requests in the comments section of my previous post, and the private messages and the folks who wrote to me to my regular email, thank you SO much for your admiration of my design for The

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Reasons Why I've Been So "Quiet"

Hey folks!!!

Crawling out from lurkdom for a while...have missed you folks...logging in here and there just to see what's been going on.

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Can anyone say JACK-POT!!!

I really LOVE Freecycle!

I answered a post on our local Freecycle (Portland, Maine) where a woman was clearing out her house for putting said house up for sale.

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Theraputic Knitting

WAY off topic in one way...but it is about knitting...

I'm pretty much immersed in my knitting -- just plain knitting -- don't care what it is...

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'nother silent film knitting pattern

'hope you like it.

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Horizontal Vest

This is also from the yarn given to me from Kevin's co-worker.

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The White Plastic Twin

Well, as I promised, I'm putting up a picture of the finished white acrylic version of "The Garter Yoke" sweater that I designed.

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New Video

I just got done a new video.

Hope you like it.