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Reversible VERY Warm Hat

I got the idea from Elizabeth Zimmermann's "Knitting Around" but instead of making two hats and whipstitching them at the brim to make a nice double hat, I just invisibly cast on right from the beginn

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...more hats

I designed the colour pattern for this...

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Caps for Kids

...some more grainy webcam pics, but, just to show off...

These ones are going to CapsForKids -- it's our October project with AC4C.

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Wrath of the Trojan

No, this is not a scarytale about a broken rubber!

My poor computer was afflicted with Trojan w32 Looksky.


It's fine now...really...

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Preemie Diaper Shirt/Vest

I like the way that this turned out. One of the projects that I'm working on THIS month is some diaper shirts for preemies.

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Knitting for Charity

The charity group that I'm so attached to is called "All Crafts 4 Charity" and it's a Yahoo group that highlights one particular charity per month, but, there's no real "requirement" other than them a

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Cool Cotton For Kenya

One of the projects for July in the charity group that I knit for, is called "Father's House, International" and this particular group is sending things to the Ukraine and Kenya...

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Norwegian Tomten

I've always had this thing about Scandinavia, and so, have begun doing a set of Tomtens in the colours of the different flags...

Here's Norway...red body, blue cross, white trim...

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Red Hooded

'nother baby jacket -- went out a couple of weeks ago

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Some more stuff...

...so, I've done a few more things for more charities...

...and they're still grainy webcam shots, but, they'll have to do until I get a REAL camera...