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It's finished. I actually finished it out much earlier in the week...

posted it on my yahoo blog


just didn't get a chance to post here yet...

It's already out to the charity and hopefully in the next few months be on some lucky baby.

Hope you like it.


Cast on another "My Design"

AC4C (All Crafts 4 Charity -- the group that I knit for) absolutely loved the sweater/jacket that I did up...

So, I've cast on another one with a different variegated -- has more of a yellow bit to it, so, I'll do the solid sleeves again in yellow.

'cool...I love it when things go well with a pattern that I show everyone.

OH YEAH...and football is just around the corner!!! Patriots had mini camp this week!!! I can feel it in my bones already. I'm ALL over that!!!


My Design

Once people get to know me and my knitting and such, they'll understand that one of my biggest influences (besides my late grandmother who taught me to knit when I was five years old) is the brightest star (IMHO) in the world of knitting: Elizabeth Zimmermann.

She presents in her books patterns, but not so much just patterns to follow and make, but ideas to create -- and also a new sense of bravery to just cast on and knit -- and then just plain common sense in garment making.

So, I combined a couple of techniques from her books and came up with this. It's off to a charity in Georgia, but I thought I'd share a picture with everyone.

Sorry 'bout the quality -- a grainy webcam is all I have at present, but, good enough to take some pictures of stuff that I really want to share with people.


...and away we go...

I've joined the 21st century and have begun the whole blogging thing...and later on I'll end up just like everyone else...writing what I will, posting another picture here and there, etc. etc. etc.

I miss my little internet hermitage already!!!