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Quick question

I've seen some patterns that, in their glossary, state that sl1 means "slip 1 as if to knit." Others indicate in their glossary to "slip 1 as if to purl" when you see sl1.

My question is, is there a default for when a pattern doesn't indicate whether you are to slip 1 as if to knit or as if to purl? If it just says "sl1" and does not have a glossary, which way do you slip it?

OT (but still fun!)

Hey, all. I will make this quick so as not to bug anyone with too much Off-topic tom foolery. I recently started an amusing (hopefully) blog about work. It's called "Life on Terra Cubus," and if anyone is interested in checking it out, you're welcome to do so! You can find it here: Life on Terra Cubus

UFO Alert

I am totally shelving my feather and fan scarf. That is the project I was talking about in my previous posts re: the joins. For the record, thanks to everyone for their suggestions on the joins.


That'll teach me to start a project with multiple colors without testing how the joins work. This yarn seems to resist felting (because 40% is silk) and Russian join likes to fail rather easily. The only successful join tactic I've discovered is knotting, and I *#$%ing hate knotting. I'm so paranoid the knots will come undone, and since this is a scarf I'm going to be selling, I am just staring at it all the time thinking, "Yeah....." I'll just keep my fingers crossed and keep the $30 bucks until ample time has passed in the winter season. LMAO