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Random-Ass Afghan

I started this afghan in December and finished it in March. I used a lace pattern that is meant to look like flames. I urge you to view the attached close-up to get a better view on the detail of it. For a list of all the yarns I used, you'll have to click "Read More." :-)

General Update

This has plenty of non-knitting related content, but I'll open with an actual knitting query...

I finished my afghan about a week ago, but the reason I haven't posted any pictures of it is due to the fact that I haven't been able to block it...well, that and the fact that my best buddy is still in possession of my camera, which he's been using for his college photography courses. The problem I'm having is HOW to block the afghan.

Mildly frustrated (but I'll get over it) - edited

Been knitting a lot on my "Random-Ass Afghan" (working title) and am happy to report I'm steadily approaching the halfway mark (only 6" more and I'm there). This, despite my horrendous math skills that have forced me to continue purchasing extra skeins of just about every yarn I've used. LOL What I'm mildly frustrated about is that I can never seem to find any one yarn store OR website that sells all the yarn I'm looking for.

In a bind

I'm at a loss for what to do here. I'm about to start my afghan, which I'm knitting all in one fail swoop instead of sections that I'll sew together. My problem is that the stoppers I use to keep stitches from sliding off (which will be imperative when I set my project down for a spell) love to pop right off my slick Addi circulars.


I happened upon a website for a movie coming out in February called Coraline. It's directed by the same guy that directed Nightmare Before Christmas, but what surprised me most (in a good way) were the two gems nestled in the site about knitting!


I finally took a picture of my legwarmers, but it sucks because I look like poo in girly legwarmers. I think they turned out all right.