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Happy Belated Holidaze

To everyone, hope y'all had a good whatever you may/may not celebrate! Life's been busy (as per usual) with the holidaze, family in town for 2 weeks, etc, followed by an onset of a rather serious bug, but slowly getting back to normal.

Haven't been knitting a whole lot since the energy levels have been pretty low (see bug comment above) but thought I'd share a pic of a sweater my mom made for me...I'm quite fond of it!

Hoping to be back in action soon!


I was curious about what folks did with those shorter lengths of yarn that just weren't *quite* long enough to really do anything with....and then the lady who did the octopus pattern I posted about

Fort Lauderdale...

Well, while I never got to meet OKknitguy due to our rather hectic schedule in Oklahoma City, we're now heading down to Ft Lauderdale for 2-5 months so hopefully this time there will be time to get o