I admit to being powerless to resist yarn. I just bopped into my LYS to pick up a skein of something soft in bulkyweight and natural grey brown to repair a Canadian First Nation's sweater (some coastal tribe, I've forgotten the name) and to my HORROR: Yarn sale! She isn't going to carry some of my favorite mohair anymore: Plymouth Outback Mohair....fabulous, and CHEAP AND NOW.....40% OFF! I almost got into a grabbing match with some cow who DARED STAND BETWEEN ME AND A YARN! I bought enough for 2 sweaters for $45. I also bought some interesting textured yarn that I had used in the hat and scarf set for my sister in law. I got off easy: under $100. It is official. I have no self control. Last night I finished a scarf, and prepared yardage for Mom's "Kaffe Fassett Small squares sweater"... should I send her something to tide her and Dad over in the meantime? They didn't yet get a Christmas present....I feel guilty. Bad son, bad son...

Buy some STITCH MARKER to help AIDS Life-Cycle~~~~

Hi eveybody! I have a favor to ask for youguys. I am helping for blogger "Impossible Princess" - Krystfer doing "AID LifeCycle." He have to rise $2.500 to participating in this ride.
He is saying that need help from our blogging community. This is something very important for our socirty to help does who have a AIDS!
If youguys want to donate, even smell amount is Ok~~ PLEASE DO SO! Http:// to Donate to Krystfor. We need your help!!
So Iam selling my handmade STITCH MARKER to eveybody!
All the money goes to Impossible Princess , PLEASE make yourself buy one of my stitch marker and help AID Life Cycle!

VISIT HERE to buy the stitch Marker:

"AIDS Life-Cycle is co-produced by the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center and is designed to advance their shared interests to end the pandemic and human suffering caused by AIDS.It is gonna be on June 3-9, 2007, as cyclists and volunteers will travel 545 miles through beautiful California from San Francisco to Los Angeles"



thanks all

I decided to send something that felt fabulous, and wait on the interesting pattern scarf. This is what I sent:

Peruvian Tweed 100% alpaca. (660yds @$27....quite the value)
cast on 90 stitches, k10, p10, follow pattern as presented until you run out of yarn.

It creates this wonderful accordion like fabric that spreads out horizontally to a hood or shoulder shawl, or hanging vertically, collapses down to a scarf. It's soft, wonderful, and I already had it made.

Thanks to all that sent patterns. I look forward to trying them.
Maybe with my hat a day knitting plan, I should do a scarf a week....just as soon as I finish the sweater repairs on my desk and finish the sweaters for Mom and Dad.

Trying my first sock.

I'm attempting my first sock. It's been an interesting challenge as it's my first attempt to use double points. After a very awkward start it's coming along ok. I'm following Silver's Sock Class.

To make it a little easier for a first attempt I'm using worsted weight yarn on size 6 DPNs. I'm saving the sport weight cotton yarn for a "good" pair of socks once I get the technique down. Right now I have a roughly 2.5 inch long ribbed tube which will eventually be the 5 inch top of the sock. If nothing else this heavier wool should make a decent house sock.

Today I placed an order for Knit Picks Options circular needles kit as well as the pumpkin orange Eagle knitting tote. With the express shipping they should be here Monday or Tuesday. I'm looking forward to trying out the Options.

Ah well, back to the sock. If it doesn't come out too horribly I'll post a pic once it's finished.

CHAT . . .

To repeat the comments of Tom H. . . thanks to the guys who showed up last night for the chat open house. Several newer guys were there, along with a few of us who have been around for the past year or so. We had a great time. And, we missed several of you that have been reqular chatters in the past.

Hopefully, another chat open house will be set up in the near future.


Can you guys help?

Ok, I did not join this group for this, just wanted to state that first. So here goes.

I work for AIDS Delaware and it is very cold where we are right now. Many of our clients come into the office dressed improperly for the weather. This is not becasue they do not care but becasue they are usually indegent and cannot afford to get some things that they need. We actually have a food closted and a personal products closet set up for them. For many of our clients who are just out of jail/prison or very poor financially and educationally, we are what keeps them going and we barely do that.

Missed you in chat last night ...

Thanks to all the guys who showed up in chat last night for the group chat. It was fun. Nice to hear about what you're up to - and the projects you're currently knitting.

Missed all you guys who live anywhere near Eastern Standard Time. Would have loved to meet you in chat. Maybe next time.

Thanks, Parrot, for organizing the chat last night.

- Tom

hatshatshats & a request.

So far, I am on line with my "hat a day" programme: Thus far, I have made 15 hats, so I am a couple days ahead. I have gotten all my "Early Valentine's gifts: (aka Late Christmas gifts) out sans the sweaters I am making for my folks. I have paid my Chiropractor for 3 sessions on my back with a hat per each session (who needs Canadian Nationalized Health care...I just pay in manipulated yarn) and my Masseur with a scarf. So, here's the rub: I have a valentine's scarf to send, and I want a fabulous pattern that I can knit in a couple days (I knit very fast). So, I need suggestions. Please note, FABULOUS.....I keep doing the same very nice but hardly mind blowing double seed stitch variations in my chasse method. What are y'all's favorite patterns~ something that you'd like to get as a valentine. Thanks much

Grumble Grumble Damn Sweater Grumble

Ok I think I need to start over on a sweater. I was using the hoodies pattern from out of the Stitch and Bitch but the sleeves are ugly. They are not angled into the body of the sweater at all and look ridiculously short. So two months later and 8 skeins of Malabrigo and I think it is going to be deconstructed.

Still Kicking!

Ok, I know I've been MIA lately and have a lot of email from you guys being concerned about my welfare, thank y'all, and thought I would touch base and let you know what is going on.

Jeff and I have been looking at buying a house here in Dallas, yes ladies and germs we are moving in together, and I think we have found the one we want. Right now I'm awaiting a call from the realtor to see if our offer has been accepted. Yep, we're gonna own our own little piece of the Lone Star State. If that happens y'all are invited to come vist, Yankees included. We'll show you what southern hospitality is all about. A land where the old folks sit on the porch and strum their bayous and the chitlin's bloom in the front yard. (that last sentence was for the Yankees)

I've finally admitted to Jeff that I am a P.O.W. (prisoner of wool) and revealed (some) of my stash to him. He must really like me.. he still wants to move in together. That says a lot about a man!

Hope y'all are doing well and thanks as always,