Finished My First Hat Today

I saw this pattern on a knitting blog and since I love cables I decided to give it a try (here's the link: Utopia Hat). I used some cheapy Wool-Ease Thick & Quick which is my prototyping yarn so I may reknit it again with something a little higher end. The thick & quick was thicker (go figure) than the yarn called for in the pattern so I made some adjustments: started with 72 stitches (vs 96) and did 4 cable cross overs instead of 6. My knitting evolution hasn't followed the typical trajectory since I've tried a few sweaters but this is my first attempt at a hat. I'm really liking the minimal-finishing-instant-gratification of hat projects.

Utopia Hat

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That's cool. I have never attempted doing cables. I may have to do my first with this.

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Very nice...especially for your first.

I really like the cables.


I can't even imagine your trajectory. I haven't had the nerve to try my first sweater yet. I know exactly what you mean regarding minimal-finishing-instant-gratification though, which is why I love knitting socks. The two at a time technique really adds to that m-f-i-g sensation since you haven't finished one sock, but the pair.


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Love the hat!
...thank you for the links to the's the direct link to download it

it's the easiest kind of I have to try it!


Great hat....I see something to add to my To-Do list....

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sir - I think you'll be amazed at how easy cables really are. They give a lot of bang for the buck.

Thanks everyone for you kind comments! Now back to work on the sweaters...