Addi Turbo Cro-Needle

Here is the latest addition to my tool box. It's the Addi Turbo Cro-Needle. It is a 2.5 mm crochet hook on one end of the cable and a 3.25 mm knitting needle on the other. This is made for picking up stitches for button bands and collars. I'll give it a go when I get to the collar of the next jumper.

Here's the link:

I heard about this on David Reidy's podcast "Sticks & String".


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This is fantastic, thanks for sharing!

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that's very sensible...sometimes a crochet hook simplifies picking up the stitches...and I don't enjoy juggling the two tools... LOL

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UPDATE: I just finished picking-up the arm hole stitches for knit-down sleeves and let me say that the cro-needle made short work of an otherwise tedious process. I don't know which I hate to do more: ribbing or picking-up stitches. The cro-needle definitely took most of the pain out of the process. I highly recommend it to my fellow knitters!

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