any suggestions???

Hey guys- i am new to knitting and I am doing well at learning new sitches but having a really hard times learning how to read patterns. Can anyone suggest a really good Knitter's Bible Book (so to speak) that I should buy.
For example, I can knit, purl, knit and purl, and seed sitch, and learning other sitches but having a hard time understanding how to put them all together when it comes to reading patterns and diagrams(the diagrams is the really challenging parrt I get confused and lost about the right side and wrong side). HELP ANYONE PLEASE??????LOL!!!!!

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I still haven't learned my charts
But from what I know...right side rows will ALWAYS be on the righthand side of the chart, and wrongside rows will ALWAYS be on the left side of the chart (and respectively, you'd read the wrongside row pattern backwards so your knitting follows suit). The only exception comes from circular knitting, or knitting in the round...where all "rows" (heretofore known as rounds) start and end at the same place, over and over again, but they never line up. There are ways around that, however.

A few of the easiest, and simplest HOW TO books I've come across for knitting are Michael DelVechio's (sp) "Knitting with Balls," and "The Idiot's Guide to Knitting" (or a title of that sort).

The easiest way for me to learn the pattern, however, is to either knit it in my head (if it's simple), or to swatch it. Now THAT'S an accomplishment, cause I *don't* swatch. :P

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If you can't make circular knitting 'line up' you are going wrong somewhere. Ask kiwiknitter.

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Umm, actually every knitter has this problem, unless you've learned the TECHNIQUES on how to change that, like knitting into the stitch BELOW when you get back around to the beginning. That's one of the many different techniques

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Vogue Knitting The Ultimate Knitting book by the editors of Vogue Knitting Magazine. Not long after I started to knit, this book was suggested to me as a good source of instruction and guidance. I found the diagrams and explanations very easy to follow and still call on it when trying a new stitch or technique. I have since acquired several other books that also give good guidance but I find myself falling back on Vogue.
I have recently acquired a new knitting book on the recommendation of Kiwiknitter from this site (thanks again Jesse). It's called The Sweater Workshop by Jacqueline Fee. It focuses on knitting in the round and helping you to design your own garments rather than relying on patterns. It also contains clear instructions on many basic techniques, though as this text focuses mainly on circular knitting, the range of techniques and stitches isn't as extensive as Vogue.
Happy knitting
P.S. welcome to MWK

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Aw come on Brian, you seemed to do fine the last time I met you.....

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My advice is to find a pattern of something you want to make and just dive in. If you try to read through everything written in a pattern all at once it can seem confusing and overwhelming. Just start knitting and as the piece is made then each section becomes progressively clearer. Some patterns will have a particular knitting technique written along with the pattern. If it isn't there then alot of free websites can teach you the technique. Better yet, someone here will be more than happy to explain something if you get stuck. Good Luck!

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Knitting is only working one stitch at a time (except for decreases) and that's what you should do. Just start in and follow the directions AS WRITTEN (or charted). Knitting charts always are read right to left for the front of work, and left to right for the back side. And of course, you always read them from bottom up, just like the knitting!

Charts are really much simpler to understand than text. You should start using charts right away. Go to -- show 20 -- for a great tutorial about charts.

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thanks guys, I went out and bought, "Sitch N Bitch" today, and is helping tremendously!!!. Very easy to understand. I will get the others that you guys suggested as well!!!!!