First Color Stranding Project

I've completed my first color stranding project! I wanted to make this hat for my brother for Christmas. So, I sat down and decided I would learn to knit continental style. Knitting both colors in a combination style went along quite fast! I was so proud of myself that I had to share :)


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Great hat. Quite an accomplishment.

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It looks like you have good reason to be proud!

Nice hat
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Congratulations. A great looking hat, you should be pleased.


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Very nice work. It looks great.


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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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Nice Work! I hope your brother likes it!

Congratulations - you did a really good job.

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Well done!

...and your first colour project!

You're right, it DOES go by very quickly, I think especially because you can actually see the pattern being born as you're knitting...and then watching it develop as you go further and further.


Excellent work.


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Looks great.....something to be really proud of.

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Dittos- Very smooth knitting, no puckers. Did you actually strand or did you weave in? I'm weaving in on my present project; it has eliminated my tension problem (and the sweater's as well).

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I did strand and I made sure that the strands were a little loose in back. I'd drive myself crazy with all the weaving.

That is quite a hat! :) Good to be proud for that.

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Wow! Hard to believe that's your first stranding project! That's great! What's the pattern for that - "aviator hat"?


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The pattern is in a booklet titled "Awesome Knits for Guys and Chicks". I picked up a copy at JoAnn Fabrics or Michaels. It can also be ordered from or

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That's some really perfect looking work! I love it, I'm sure your brother will too.


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I want one. LOL I'm too scared to try that yet...I'm impressed AND jealous.

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