Saga of the Rings

At first I used plastic ring markers but found them tacky. So I bought some very nice sterling silver bejewelled markers online- very pretty but they fall apart at the jewel. So I hit on the idea of tying some copper washers as markers. I found these at Amazon. There are 110 of them in various sizes. They are attractive and durable.

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What a good idea, Albert.


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Copper washers, who knew!!! Great idea.

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awesome idea! (I acutally started to use a faucet part that's pretty much a washer, just a bit thicker) and I love the idea of washers...

I also have used silver baby rings for markers too - I am not a fan of the dangly markers (although I do have some of them) because I think they just get in the way :)



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I have to admit I just use safety pins - I get a box of mixed sizes and colours for about $2 - don't worry if I lose them, and they are also handy for stabilizing dropped stitches, and other stuff....

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i have to admit

i have to admit i have used small black or colorful rubber band as stitch markers...... that are so easy to use.... and when u finish with them u can go do that kids hair with them after u have finish your project

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Safety pins!

Safety pins do seem the cheapest option, with beads on them to mark 1st, 2nd etc. repeats. I did buy some jewllery pins and a device to bend them properly, so when I eventually get round to doing them, I'll post the result.

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Love the idea of copper washers!
...I'll find some tomorrow...just finished hammering a copper wire "J" cable needle from a piece of very heavy copper wire... hammered to harden the curve...

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Love the idea Albert! I'll have to remember this the next time I send my roomie to the hardward store!

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MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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I've used those colorful, plastic-coated paperclips and in a pinch, loosely tied a knot in a small piece of contrasting yarn (being careful not to knit into the knot mistaking it for a stitch.

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hahahaha the first time I did something that called for the use of stitch markers that's what I used, then went on auto pilot and was knitting away, about 15 rows in I realized I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing and I had "lost" my stitch markers. Ripped it all out and bought stitch markers the next day.

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MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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Obviously there are dozens of things we can use as markers... I bought a little set of an assortment of small and large plastic blue and pink markers. I've never really figured out exactly why two sizes and two colors, but there are times where it helps to use a size or color to mark a spot. Having said that, I absolutely LOVE the set of copper washers!! What a great idea and they look beautiful to my eye. It's amazing how many things one can find either around the house or at... a hardware store... to use as a knitting tool!! Thanks for the post!


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Great Idea!!!
LOve the idea and love the look of the cooper rings also.
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I love the copper washer idea...I'm going to have to pick some up. You might be careful though, I'm not chemist enough to know when and how copper oxidizes but I know at some point it turns green -- would hate to see some pretty white/ecru/??? expensive yarn end up with green on it.... Maybe putting a thin coat of clear nail polish would prevent it?

Cool though. Definitely a great idea!

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