Noro Stripe Scarf (Extra Pic added)

I realize everybody and their granny has knit this, but its REALLY worth the time. It's a simple pattern, for you beginning knitters, and it looks HOT. And you can mix up the colorways you use and always have a "new" scarf to knit!

I loved this, even though it's a simple knit, because it's so exciting to see the kind of harmony the colors find with each other! I highly recommend this pattern to everyone! You all should knit this scarf. Period.

Here's the pattern link:

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I saw the brooklyntweed one some time ago, but I wasn't keen on his colours. What shades did you use? It's a fabulous looking scarf. Congratulations.

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Wow. I like those colors you picked. Forgive my novice question, but do you switch between the different Noro yarn selections every few rows or do you just use up one ball and move on to the next. Once again...sorry...I'm just an ignorant newbie about these things. That scarf is gorgeous.

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Oh I like this!

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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Fabulous colors! Is this a wool yarn?

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I agree with all about your color selection. I love how Noro puts colors together in a harmonious way, but you even made their colors better. I love when someone can put colors together in a way that many guys would be willing to wear it, even when they might otherwise be more color averse.

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Exactly! I have a hard time finding colors that Andrei will wear, I'm always safe with Dark blue, grey, and black, but that's so BORING!

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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Beautiful! I love Noro.



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Beautiful!! Great job. You have a wonderful eye for color. Even though I'm a bit "scarfed out" from Christmas, I might have to give into the demons and try this.


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WOW!'s just a 1-1 rib...but you colour selection is gorgeous!!!! many and what are they?

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I love this and the colors are so rich. Thanks for posting access to the pattern - its going on my list of projects to do sooner rather then later.


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Am currently working on this project, amongst others, LOL. Your picture made me pick it up again and start working on it, your scarf is gorgeous. Do you have any more pics of it?

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Hmn, I was going to swear off any scarves for a while after the Xmas deluge, but I *do* have alot of Noro around right now....

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Absolutely gorgeous! I love the wool and many times I prefer simple projects. I'm working on a garter stitch scarf with a striped pattern right now just for the fun of it. A real treasure....

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -- Mahatma Gandhi

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -- Mahatma Gandhi

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Dude it rocks! I will take your advice. I am a newbie and I will give it a shot. Forgive my newbie question but I am assuming a 1x1 rib is k1, p1?

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im definitely going to do this pattern because yours looks amazing