Looking for local SnB

I'm interested in finding a knitting club, preferably with a few other men, in the Portland Oregon area. Can someone point me in the right direction to find such a thing?


ok ... if you're in the area and interested, chime in and let's get this going! We could rotate from home to home or whatever works. I'm in Oregon City and would be happy to make my place available on a regular basis if there is interest. Or if you already have a group going let the rest of us know ; )


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Hey Jeffrey, I looked through the members list on this site for people in or around Denver and started the Mile Guy Knitters. You could sort the members list and look for "Portland" and "Oregon" and contact people directly to either start one or ask about them. I count about 13 guys listed in Portland.


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good idea

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Hey Jeff, I think that there are enough of us in the area that we could start our own. What do you think?

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great idea! Let's do it!

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A group of us in St Petersburg Florida are trying to start our own club.

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Did you see this post re: Tampa Bay Area? http://www.menwhoknit.com/community/?q=node/5041


I would propose Kennedy School for a meeting place, 33rd & Ainsworth. Pity I don't live right around the corner any more. Good luck! Maybe I'll look you guys up next time I'm in town.


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You might also check with grandcarriage - http://www.menwhoknit.com/community/?q=user/548.


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Let me know as I have an interest in getting together as well..............I'm in Vancouver and Lincoln City.

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i don't know of any SPECIFICALLY male S'n'Bs, BUT there are several different groups with a rotating selection of male (including myself) knitters.

1. Twisted, 2310 NE Broadway - Tuesday 6pm-8pm Open Crafting
this is my knit night of choice. the Ladies who run twisted are wickedly funny and probably more excited about your project then you are. Very very very queer friendly, and very open minded (our topics of discussion range from whatever fiber related topic is on our mind, to racism, to Deadwood, to standards and practices in the medical community - we're very diverse!) I always have a blast when i go.

2. Every other Sunday at Twisted is also 'Queer Knitting'. granted, this is mostly lesbians... but i'm usually there, and they're a fun group. on of the group members also has Angora and Cashmere goats she's been known to invite folks out to see/spend time with/feed/run away from. There tends to be cookies as well. It meets from 4pm-7pm every other sunday (it's listed on their events calendar, www.twistedpdx.com)

3. Sip 'n' Stitch - Knit Purl, the corner of 11th and Alder downtown. free champagne and knitting! this is probably only a bad idea if you're following a lace chart or something... perfect for stockinette sweaters, thats for sure.... It is every thursday night from 6pm-9pm. It's a very very lively group! Very diverse as well. Not as many guys as girls, but the guys there are enjoyable, and accomplished knitters to boot. I don't go to this one as often... but that's probably not going to affect your decision.

4. Queer Knitting at the Q-center. corner of 2nd and Taylor in southeast, i believe. Every sunday from 2pm-4pm (though people usually hang out until they kick us out at 5pm)... I enjoy this group a lot, and there tends to be an even selection of guys to girls. Age range varies depending on who's there, as well. The space they have for the event is a gorgeous psuedo-industrial space. It makes my little post-industrialist heart go pitterpat.

Now, i realize, most of what i mentioned is queer based, so... if you're not queer and im stereotyping 'Male Knitter = Gay', i'm sorry.