New year

I've been a lurker for a while and thought I should post something... I've been knitting for over 20 years, taught myself in college from a book. 

I'm currently working on a cable sweater in alpaca/silk/wool from Knitpicks.  I already made one sweater with this yarn and just had to have more!!

I just finished a sweater in hemp/wool for a book due out sometime next year. 
I also have a t-shirt sweater in cotton and a long sock scarf going in the sidelines. 

If any of you guys in the Atlanta area are looking for a group to knit with, check out the Atlanta Stitch-n-bitch group in Yahoo groups.  We meet several places around town and there are 4 of us (men) who regularly attend.  We are trying to get more men to join us.


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Welcome in from the shadows, Doug!  It's great to have another member with so many years of knitting experience to assist newbys like me.  The alpaca/silk/wool sounds incrediably luxurious; I hope you'll post some pics of the finished item.  I've never had much success knitting with cotton; it's just not as forgiving as wool!

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Well I guess I should say I was waaay back in the shadows if it takes me 5 months to reply to a comment.  Sorry and thanks for the comment and I do plan to post some pictures soon.


Welcome, Doug.

Sounds as if you are having a lot of fun with your knitting. I shopped at a little knit shop in Atlanta about twenty years ago. The ladies who ran it were very nice and gave me a few suggestions as to yarn. If all the groups in Atlanta are as helpful, you certainly won't lack for any help or companionship you might need.

This last few years the fibers are great, aren't they? I love the choices available anymore. And, the alpaca/silk/wool sounds great. What do you like most about it? 

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Hey Randall,

I have to admit I'm very embarassed to say I'm new to the blog thing and didn't even notice the comments on my one blog entry until today.  I wasn't ignoring the comments on purpose.  Thanks for the comment.

If you haven't been to Atlanta in a while, we now have easily about 15 yarn shops now to choose from.  With all the choices of yarn now it's hard to decide what to get or supress the urge to buy everything!  The alpaca/silk was so nice to work with.  I've made two sweaters with it now and they both have gotten softer the more they are worn.  I'll get pics of them posted on here at some point.  I'm working on an entrlac shawl from the book Scarf Style right now using Noro Silk Garden and a baby sweater in angora. 

Thanks for the email and hope to hear from you again.  I promise to try to pay attention from here on.



Hi Doug, I'm so glad that you have joined us. You are a very accomplished knitter.
I made a scarf for my dad using 50/50% hemp & wool & liked it so much I'm making another for myself.
I'm got FIT on a 6 week course to knit a sweater & have not decided on what yarn to use yet. I'm tempted for hemp/wool, although it does dry my hands out as I work with it. Did you find that?
I look forward to seeing your input on here.

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Hi Martin,

Thanks for responding to my blog entry, sorry I didn't see the comments before today.  I did have a problem with the hemp/wool drying my hands a little.  I was pleased with the end result though.  It's certainly a little rougher than just wool, but the yarns were easy to work with.  I tend to choose yarns that a softer for myself since I have sensitive skin.  Thanks again and happy knitting.