Cherry Leaf Shoulder Shawl

Well I finally finished this shawl. It was made with 8/2 Tencel in black - after this one I don't think I can work with black for a while! My eyes feel crossed - as does my temper.

This pattern was from Victorian Lace Today - I used the Willow border from the same book on it. I randomly placed 6/0 beads in two different colors (black and black/silvery) throughout the Willow Border that was added on.

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That is just beautiful, very elegant. I'm currently working on my first shawl and hoping it turns out as well as yours.



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Very pretty. I've never knitted lace using black yarn. Maybe I'll take your hint and never attempt it. Keep up all your great knitting.

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You want GOOD light and contrasting needle colour when you're working with black lace. Believe me!

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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I can certainly attest to that!!!

This is very beautiful and I'm not suprised your eyes feel crossed. I gave up on black some years ago. I hope your wife appreciates your suffering!

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I have a life-long friend... a woman in her 80's... she is everyone's "Go To Girl" for knitting with black fiber. It doesn't bother her a bit... she is completely blind! She is also an accomplished keyboard player (organ & piano), typist and accordian player. I can't even fathom how she creates the beautiful knits that she does... but she loves to knit and is good at it.

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Excellent job! But don't let black yarn discourage you too much. It makes lace look so elegant and is iften worth the effort.

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Yeah, I agree. I'm just ready for something say turquoise??


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Never have done black lace but I've done a few pairs of black socks. That's when I pull out the nickel-plated needles...much easier to see.

But it looks fantastic.

So much lace to little time....


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What a beautiful shawl.

I agree with you about black, I'm knitting a pair of black socks for a friend and may never use the colour again.

I agree with y'all the shawl is an incredible work of art...for what it's worth, when I knit dark color yarns I cover my lap with a white towel or pillowcase to help me see thru the stitches