Sock class!

Thank you for all the input. The class was frustrating to say the least. I stood up in the middle of class and reminded them all you could buy the socks at shops all over the city and it would be so much less work. LOL Everyone laughed and we went on. I got home last night and became obsessed....I switched from 3 needles to 4 and that was the ticket for hands are bigger than theirs and the four needles gave me more flexiblity. Those little women have small paws!!! far, I am flying on them! Yeah!

BTW, did anybody Tivo the new Martha yesterday??? They had a lady that is the fastest crocheter in the world.....she does 130 double crochets in 3 was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I got a little motion sickness watching her.....

Anyway, thanks again and I will post progress for those interested.

Happy knitting, Gabriel


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Was it Lily Chin doing the speed crochet?  I seem to recall hearing she holds the record.  She's done some books on knitting as well and teaches at conferences, etc.  A coworker Tivo'd it for me and I can't wait to see it.  I love Martha.

That's a great tip on knitting with double-pointed needles, too, Gabriel.  If you put your stitches on 4 needles (and knit with the 5th), the whole set-up is more flexible, not to mention roomy.

Looking forward to seeing a picture of your socks!

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I agree -- working with socks on four needles is just much easier to handle, and easier to balance your work.  More room too.  Of course, you could also work with two circulars ----

I love doing socks!!  You'll have a blast with them. 

Have you tried working with two circular needles? It is even easier than four dps. Check out Cat Bordhi's website for further info. I think it is or google her. Cheers!