Its way too big...

WWW...AAAA....YYY too big but I don't usually complain about that!

Well, this is the sleeveless vest -- my first project after 20+ years of not knitting -- and my first project for my boyf. Its the vintage pattern one that I've mentioned here in my first post I think just a few weeks ago.

The boyf doesn't like it. Its way too big around and too short in the body. So I'm gonna rip it apart and start again. One of you handsome and wise people advised me to make a sort of paper pattern to my boyf measurements (he's kinda small and muscly) and just knit the pieces to match the pattern, rather than follow the written pattern. So I'm gonna do that and start all over again.

Patience is a virtue. Ohm... ohm... ohm...


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Too bad about the size, the vest is beautiful. Good to hear you're not too discouraged and are going to start again.



I agree the sweater is gorgeous in every other way. Hope the boyf is patient too!!!


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Have you considered getting a bigger boyfriend? (just kidding)

actually, if it helps, just think of this vest as a really big swatch.

Joyful frogging,

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Let me suggest a couple full-fat lattes and maybe a six or seven boxes of Oatmeal Cream Pies....

It's an awfully beautiful sweater to tink....

Grace and Peace,

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A bigger boyfriend -- ermm -- probably not my thing. Am one of those body fascists who will probably have a heart attack while running one day. Although I'm pretty sure that Stuart and I would pretty much love a few full fat lattes and some oatmeal cream pies (whatever they are... they sound rather delicious)

LOL :o)

Am determined to make this sweater perfect and with this really nice yarn too. Now I know what 'frogging' means... I thought it might have been something rude...



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beautiful vest and I love the color. Good luck sizing it next time. Keep us posted on the progress.

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What's the yarn that you used? It is absolutely lovely.

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Debbie Bliss Stella -- about 6 skeins -- which is probably about right once I've re-shaped this made it not so wide but longer.

We both love the colour but now I'm not sure about the buttons. What do you guys think?


Your sweater is gorgeous, it's a shame you have to frog it. I, personally, do not like those leather-thingy buttons on a shank. They are often too heavy looking. You could probably find a better match in the haberdashery dept. at John Lewis.

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Yep! I think we need to reconsider the buttons. I think I might leave out the knitted-in pockets too. They're kinda pointless... you can't put anything in them without wrecking the fabric anyway.

John Lewis here I come...


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Hey there
> Size can be such a bitch. I might suggest a book called Knitting in The Old Way by Gibson-Roberts & Robson. In there you can find out how to swatch and gauge any yarn. I measure around the chest of the person I am knitting for and that measurement is 100% of my stitches. Then I knit a gauge swatch of at least 20 stitches and measure carefully. If i have 6 stitches to the inch then I multiply 6 times the inches around the chest. The waist is usually 90% of the chest. Let me know if I can help you.
Another David

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I wonder if charcoal grey mother of pearl buttons might work well...?

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Thanks David for the advice on sizing. I'm taking it all on board. Have double checked my tension over the pattern -- I don't usually knit swatches as my tension is pretty good normally and matches the pattern to the inch/cm -- its surprisingly wider than its longer. So I will adjust the pattern accordingly. My bfs on the way home right now and I'm sitting here with the tape measure in my hand :o)

Bill... yes, I had suggested maybe metallic buttons, but bf is a designer so I bowed to his judgment... maybe his judgement wasn't so good this time. Something less stark than the black def. Grey is a nice idea, a bluey-grey would be perfect and something with a bit of a shine / lustre might be just the right thing. Appreciated.