Never say Never

Not too long ago, On my other blog, I posted a short bit about scarves. I talked about how I tried tried to make one and failed miserably. I mentioned that I really don't have any need for a scarf (I live in wonderful NC) and so I moved onto other projects. Well, 2 scarves later and 1 scarf in progress, I have to eat my words. This one and the next are presents for a co-worker. It is actually the same pattern as my previous one. The yarn here is a wool/cotton/nylon blend I found on sale at one of the craft stores around town.


I'm a little south of you in SC and I can recall a few days to wear a scarf. I'm making one now, the first I'm making just for me, and I'm hoping it will cut down on the chill while riding my Goldwind in the "not so cold" winter months. Last year, my wife and I went to Columbia, about an hour away, for a day trip. We ended up overstaying and that night it dropped into the low 40's. I found out the hard way that low 40's at 70mph is frost burn time for the nose and cheeks. I would have loved a good scarf then for sure, or a car. I love making scarves, even if folks around here only get to wear em for a few weeks. The scarf I'm making myself is based on the Noro Silk Garden scarves I saw others do here on MWK. It's a simple but wonderful design, K1P1 two rows Change Color, slipping the 1st and last stitch of the 2nd row (repeat), and for the first time in my life knitting, I've learned the love of working with a great yarn. It's so much fun to work with, watching the scarf slowly migrate into what it will become, the suble texture changes of the special yarn, the rich colors, the feel. What a great first experience for making my first object for myself. The scarf you show here looks perfect for the south, light and airy, yet enough when tucked and folded to cut the biggest chill. - Knit on.


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Beautiful scarf, you done good!